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3 Easy Reminders to Avoid common Patio Design Mistakes

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June 9th, 2014


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1)   Patio Design

100479318Make sure when carefully planning your patio consider the dimensions as well as the type of furniture arrangement you will be working with. For example, most patios that are going to be accommodating furniture are at least 12’ by 12’ (minimum).   If you are crunched for space, consider other furniture options to optimize your surface space. Presentation is everything!

2)  Be Detail Oriented

It will amaze you what a difference it makes to pay close attention to detail. By making your patio an extension to your home, maybe consider a consistent use of color or material– even the use of plants between your patio and adjacent indoor space is a great idea! Consistency is key.

3)   Size and PFlower Potlacement

When choosing your plants to accessorize, plan for post purchase growth. Makes sure to research your plant choices before purchasing to ensure the full size plant will not over crowd the design you have in mind. Or another option is to incorporate colorful potted plants. This is an easy accessory idea to integrate with any patio or backyard landscape that will give you more bang for your buck.. and who doesn’t like saving money!


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