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How To Maintain Your Utah Landscaping

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April 28th, 2014


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Many people desire having a beautiful landscape. Accomplishing this task takes time, effort, money, and most of all consistent upkeep. This can be a scary thought but don’t be afraid. We are here to help by giving you some tips on how to maintain your landscape.

Keep your yard tidy

This sounds harder than it is. It only takes a few minutes really. Every day, make it a habit to take a walk through your yard and pick up any unwanted or out of the ordinary items that don’t belong. This could include leaves, garbage, and toys from the kids, sticks etc.

Lose the weeds

Weeds are no good for your yard. Not only do they can kill other plants but also they are not pleasing to the eye. Weeds can be removed a number of different ways. Using weed killers are a good way to kill large amounts of weeds at one time. If you only have a few weeds, you might want to just dig them up with a shovel or pull them out by hand. However you choose to do it, the weeds must go.

Inspect and prune your plants

Check your plants often anything out of the ordinary such as diseases or insects that may be destroying your plants. This will allow you to catch problems early that may be occurring in your yard so you can stop them immediately and prevent them from happening in your future.  Remember; don’t get rid of earthworms. They are a sign of health soil as well as help maintain your landscape.

Sometimes with landscaping, less is more. Letting plants overgrow can make your landscape look messy and busy. To prevent this, prune regularly. If the greenery of a plant in overgrown and covering the flower, cut down the leaves so the flower is exposed. Get rid of dead leaves or pedals to make for a cleaner look.

Water plants regularly

Water is one of the most important resources for your landscape. If your lawn or plants are not surviving, it could be that you are not giving them the right amount of water. Make sure you have the proper balance of watering enough but not watering too much. Find the amount that is right for your plants. Remember to take special care of new plants in your yard. Don’t hesitate to water them especially well.

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