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Irrigation Installation & Repair

A functional sprinkler system is the key to any great landscape and in Utah, irrigation is essential to the health of your lawn as well as your trees, shrubs and flower beds!  Our knowledgeable landscape engineers are experts in irrigation and will design a system that will keep your garden green for years to come.162329129

Free Estimates

Using water wisely and doing our part to conserve our greatest resource is an important part of irrigation design and installation.  We can estimate your sprinkling system so that you can budget for a great garden.  We use only the highest quality professional products, and specialize in smart irrigation and water efficiency.  We’ll teach you how to program your sprinklers to turn on automatically, leaving you with the easy job- relax and watch your plants bloom and grow.

Got a Leak?

Premier Landscapes can help with any form of diagnostics and repair work to make your sprinklers work.  We also maintain sprinklers and can be your resource for winterizing and spring start-ups.