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May 21st, 2014


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The Fire Pit

premier fire pit

Are you looking for that new little add-on? Or maybe a family friendly summer project around your home? Well you might want to consider this!

In the last 10 years the addition of the fire pit to businesses and personal homes has been booming.

As the technological advancements are made, it is becoming more versatile and more user friendly.  A fire pit can physically vary in its location. One option is having the fire pit above a few feet above ground. Or there is the option of a pit dug into the ground to provide the option of a gas, propane, or electric alternative of fuel to avoid the cleanup of firewood.

By incorporating accessories like the fire pit, not only does it provide the finishing touch to any backyard landscape. It creates a warming touch to any patio design, and by making upgrades such as this, it can significantly increase the value of your home!  

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