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Wind Storm

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May 1st, 2012


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As most of you remember last November’s wind storm was severe.  A golf course in Davis county lost over 300 trees.  Personally I lost a tree in my yard that has been in our neighborhood for 48 years.  We were out of town but quickly heard and saw pictures of the devastation throughout Utah.  As a landscaping business we received a lot of calls about clean-up and have helped several people get their yards back in shape but for those of you who lost trees in the storm I am sure you are thinking about the next step.  Every time I pull into my driveway I see a huge empty ugly space, where the 48 year old tree once stood.  It’s amazing how the vegetation in your yard can give a house personality and an added sense of comfort. A great tree or some bright looking perennials or annuals really can add a lot of style and warmth to your house.  Although we miss our big tree, I can’t wait to fill in the hole and find something that will put the excitement back in our yard.

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